Engage Art Presents

Connecting artist and audience through heartfelt storytelling and live performance in intimate, inspiring locations.


The world of Broadway in NYC is fascinating. Thousands of musical actors compete for a role in less than 40 shows each year. They face tremendous odds in a city that demands everything.

BROADWAY Tonight! provides a rare opportunity to hear the grit and grandeur of their journey's, to understand what it takes to make it and to let yourself be moved by some of the most cheered voices out there.

Even for non-musical-fans, these shows will open hearts and inspire the best within.

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Sound Lounge NYC

Sound Lounge NYC produces music showcases across genres in various NYC locations that trigger music discovery and unveil deeper insights into the artists behind the music.

Currently at the Treehaus MiMa Wine & Oyster venue near Times Square.

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Experience Design

Creating solid memories built on immersive experiences, human interactivity and conversation is the heart of what we do at EAP. With our network of freelancers and firms we design bespoke experiences from corporate events and brand activations to launch parties and outlandish happenings.

About Us

Engage Art Presents was founded by Shawn Kent (Cirque du Soleil, TomorrowWorld, Sensation) who is joined by entertainment professionals that all recognize the yearning for audiences to connect with performers and each other on a deeper level.